Defined in qunit.hpp.

Qrack::QUnit maintains explicit separation of representation between separable subsystems, when possible and efficient, greatly reducing memory and execution time overhead.

Qrack::QInterface::TrySeparate() is primarily intended for use with Qrack::QUnit.

virtual bool Qrack::QInterface::TrySeparate(bitLenInt qubit)

Single-qubit TrySeparate()

virtual bool Qrack::QInterface::TrySeparate(bitLenInt qubit1, bitLenInt qubit2)

Two-qubit TrySeparate()


doxygenfunction: Unable to resolve multiple matches for function “Qrack::QInterface::TrySeparate” with arguments (bitLenInt *, bitLenInt, real1_f) in doxygen xml output for project “qrack” from directory: /tmp/qrack/doc/xml. Potential matches:

- virtual bool Qrack::QInterface::TrySeparate(bitLenInt)
- virtual bool Qrack::QInterface::TrySeparate(bitLenInt, bitLenInt)
- virtual bool Qrack::QInterface::TrySeparate(const bitLenInt *, bitLenInt, real1_f)